Camden says there were only 15 rough sleepers in the borough on a “typical night” in autumn 2015

Camden Council has told the government that there were only 15 rough sleepers on a “typical night” in the whole of the borough during the autumn of 2015, much fewer than the statistics published by the Greater London Authority which state that there were at least 58 people living on the streets of Camden.

Camden didn’t bother to go out and count rough sleepers but did an estimate instead.

I made a freedom of information request (FOI) on behalf of the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association asking what Camden told the government and also asking how a decision to do a count or make an estimate was taken.

I was told: “Camden has carried out an estimate since 2013, the rationale for this being that the intelligence gathering, operation structures and cooperation of partnership agencies which already in place (sic) make estimates the most appropriate option for Camden.”

The government will publish its rough sleeping statistics for England tomorrow (Thursday 25 February 2016).

A year ago Camden estimated there were only five rough sleepers on a typical night in the whole of the borough. I wrote an article in Fitzrovia News about this here. These latest statistics will be the subject of another article for Fitzrovia News.

CHAIN quarterly report on rough sleeping October-December 2015 published by GLA: Camden 2015-16 Q3 rough sleeping.

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