Local charity is awarded £100,000 towards new youth club

It’s good to feature the property industry putting money into the community for a change, even though it is small compared to the vast amount of value they plunder from it. The headline for us in Fitzrovia is that the industry — which has a reputation for pleading poverty through viability studies as an excuse to reducing social housing — has at least recognised that there is a community with needs here.

Fitzrovia News

Plans by a local charity to create a new youth club for hundreds of young people were given a boost this month with a £100,000 grant. Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) were awarded the money by LandAid, the property industry charity.

Young men playing football on 5-aside pitch. LandAid awarded a grant to help plans for a new youth club next to the Warren Playground at Whitfield Place.

In making the grant LandAid recognised the need to fund youth activities because, despite the neighbourhood recently having a reputation for sales of luxury flats, it is an area with social deprivation.

“Poverty and unemployment rates are high amongst vulnerable young groups. Local charity Fitzrovia Youth in Action finds the majority of the young people engaging with its work are from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds and are entitled to free school meals. Unemployment is particularly high amongst BME groups,” says LandAid.

Paul Morrish, chief executive of LandAid, said: “We’re delighted…

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